Thank you for your commitment to the Tomorrow River Community Charter School. We value your interest in participating in the mission of our school by donating your time and expertise to supporting our staff, students and community.

At TRCCS, each family must participate in 40 volunteer/community service hours per year for the school.

  1. We utilize an online volunteer management tool called TRACK IT FORWARD. You must log in and record your time spent. There is a login on the bottom of this page.

  2. Working with TRCCS/CWES requires you to fill out a TRCCS/UWSP VOLUNTEER WAIVER each school year.

  3. In order to participate in any volunteer activity involving students, during the school day, you must complete a one time School District of the Tomorrow River Volunteer Background Check.

Volunteer or Visitor?

Visitors are always welcome (advanced notice preferred) and TRCCS has an “open door” policy. Visitors and volunteers must sign in with the office upon arrival. Visitors are not required to have a Background Check. We ask that visitors respect the students and teachers by being a “quiet observer,” unless asked to do otherwise.

Checking In Each Day

• All volunteers and visitors must go to the TRCCS office at every visit and sign in on our clip-board.

• There are volunteer badges as well, wear one throughout the day.



• Parking will be available near Sunrise Classroom, or in the parking areas along the driveway.

• Early Childhood visitors and parents, do not use the parking lot in front of the 4K/K classrooms. These lots are for Central Wisconsin Environmental Station visitors and staff only.

Central Wisconsin Environmental Station Protocol

• As requested by CWES we mayhave no more than two volunteers per classroom per day (unless there is a special circumstance). Please arrange in advance with the classroom teacher.

• If you are working as a CWES volunteer, or on grounds/maintenance, we will help you arrange a time to meet with a CWES staff member to discuss the particulars of your task.


Please read through the entire volunteer handbook. For any questions contact Brigid using the form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to having you!!





All families are required to give 40 hours of volunteer time throughout each school year. The hours are tracked from Move-In day through the following Move-In Day.

Create or login to Track it Forward to log hours.


Volunteer questions can be directed to Brigid. Feel free to fill out this form or call the office at 715-346-2730

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