Tomorrow River Virtual Charter School


The Tomorrow River Virtual Charter School (TRVCS) is for students in pre‑kindergarten through 8th grade providing a combination of virtual and face-to-face learning opportunities. These services are available for students residing within Wisconsin. If you live outside of the Tomorrow River School District you will need to also complete an Open Enrollment application for admission.

We are accepting applications for the 2019/2020 School Year. Please also visit the DPI website to find the Open Enrollment application. The traditional Open Enrollment window has closed, but an alternative application is available.

TRVCS creates a school community working out of the core principles of Public Waldorf Education for students learning at home. Students participate in weekly/daily Zoom classes including main lesson, Gardening, Music, Spanish, and Practical Arts. Students participate in class with other virtual students that are their same age/grade. There are approximately seven children in each class. Classes are around 45 minutes each and vary in quantity and duration depending on the students age.


TRVCS student’s curriculum aligns with the Tomorrow River Community Charter School (TRCCS) and students are involved in the TRVCS/TRCCS community, seasonal festivals, activities at the TRCCS school site and field trips. The TRVCS coordinates with students and parent/guardians, answering questions about the curriculum and guiding them with additional materials and activities. The TRVCS teacher utilizes phone, email, videos, and video conferencing to engage with TRVCS students and parents/guardians. The TRVCS teacher makes home visits and coordinates group activities with other TRVCS families.

The TRVCS Class Teacher is responsible for:

  • Teaching regular weekly main lesson classes that include language Arts, Mathematics, History, World Studies, Science, Nature Studies, Social Studies, Movement Activities, Singing, Art, and more!!!!

  • Improving learning by planned and taught instruction.

  • Diagnosing learning needs.

  • Prescribing content delivery through class activities.

  • Assessing learning.

  • Reporting outcomes to administrators and parents and guardians.

  • Evaluating the effects of instruction.

Services Provided:

  • TRVCS provides services to its pupils for at least 150 days each school year.

  • It ensures that its teachers are available to provide direct pupil instruction for at least the applicable number of hours specified in 121.02 (1) (f) each school year. No more than 10 hours in any 24-hour period may count toward the requirement under this subdivision.

  • It ensures that its teachers respond to inquiries from pupils and from parents or guardians of pupils by the end of the first school day following the day on which the inquiry is received.

  • Parent advisory council (Parent Circle): The TRCCS Governance Board ensures that the TRVCS has a representative on the established Parent Circle that meets monthly and reports to the Governance Board monthly during the school year.

  • At the beginning of each school term, the TRCCS Governance Board shall inform the parent or guardian of each pupil attending the virtual charter school, in writing, the name of, and how to contact, each of the following persons:

    • The members of the school board that contracted for the establishment of the TRVCS and the administrators of that school district.

    • The members of the TRVCS’s Governance Board

    • The members of the TRCCS’s Parent Circle

    • The TRVCS and TRCCS Employees

  • The TRVCS teacher is the grades teacher for the students bring the blocks to the students in a virtual format through Zoom meetings.

  • The TRVCS teacher coordinates field trips, seasonal festivals, and other hands-on learning opportunities for the students.

  • The TRVCS teacher coordinates with the TRCCS single subject (specialty) teachers as they develop weekly classes for the virtual students.


The Charter Contract with the Tomorrow River School District was approved on July 10th, 2017.