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TRCCS is working with parents to offer transportation from the Stevens Point area for a $110 Monthly fee (discounts for additional children and PK students). There is a bus picking up children from Plover’s Boys and Girls Club and the Stevens Point YMCA and dropping off at the Baird Center Boys and Girls Club in Point, in addition to the two other locations. To find out more please call or email our office.




November 1st
January 16th

Please contact the office if you need help on these days.


We offer bussing through the Tomorrow River School District for free. Any students living within district boundaries can take the bus to the Amherst Schools. Once there children transfer to a bus that takes all of the TRCCS children. The same happens at the end of the school day. This means children can be dropped off early, at the Amherst Public Schools, to participate in the before school program/breakfast and can stay after school for the after school programs. Children coming from outside of the district have access to the same before and after school services. The TRSD buses children coming from outside of the district if they are brought to a pickup point within District boundaries or to the Amherst Public school. Below you will find a link to a map of the TRSD.