Therapeutic Eurythmy

Sessions provided by Therapeutic Eurythmist Johana Rhode

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Eurythmy is essential to the Waldorf experience. As a school we are not able to offer classroom Eurythmy, but we are offering Therapeutic Eurythmy. We would like all children to have the opportunity for this experience so that they can receive the full benefits of their Waldorf experience. 

Our next Therapeutic Eurythmy Session is beginning in October.

Therapy lessons takes place on Monday and Tuesday for 30 minutes. A full session is 14 lessons, 7 weeks. Each lesson is $55. This year the TRCCS Governance Board has dedicated funds for scholarships to families who would like their child to participate in a session. The amount of each scholarship is based on need and quantity of scholarships requested. 

Space is limited to 6 children per session, please contact Chamomile with questions, scholarship information and/or if you would like to register. 

What is Therapeutic Eurythmy?

Therapeutic Eurythmy is a movement therapy accompanied by the sounds of speech and elements of music and tone. It is practiced one-on-one through the guidance of a therapeutic eurythmist. It offers the possibility of bringing an overall sense of harmony and well-being to one who engages in it. It can build self-confidence, restore a sense of harmony and balance, and can facilitate the learning process in other subjects such as math and language skills.

Amongst the many issues that Therapeutic Eurythmy can address include: asthma, allergies, bedwetting, nightmares, dental, spinal and postural issues, focus and concentration, spatial orientation, coordination and vestibular (balance) challenges, dominance issues, hyperactivity. This is not a passive therapy, but challenges the child to engage their own will in movements of given exercises. Therapeutic Eurythmy can offer a profound and organic response to the increasing exposure and effects of technology in our a-rhythmic lifestyles, restoring resilience and vitality. 

Johanna Rohde has been bringing Eurythmy—both pedagogical and therapeutic—into Waldorf School as well as the public school settings, from preschool through the lower and middle school grades. Included have been students within the “normal” range of development as well as children with developmental challenges. In her experience that having both therapeutic and pedagogical eurythmy integrated into the curriculum has proven to be mutually fructifying. She has also found that therapeutic eurythmy offers a special opportunity for a child to gain self-confidence through this one-on-one engagement with the eurythmist guiding support. After completing her BA, she earned her Waldorf teacher certificate and eurythmy certificates here in the States and in Europe.