Waldorf education, established in 1919, is one of the fastest growing educational philosophies in the world today. The whole-child approach meets the children’s needs as they grow and develop. Technology is de-emphasized until fifth grade in order to preserve students’ imagination, and build a foundation of learning connected to their natural attraction to the wonders of nature.



Students form a relationship with the environment as they learn to care for the earth’s plants and animals. Academic standards are infused into real-life hands-on projects like growing organic food for school lunches, as well as field experiences related to the local environment and natural resources.



Companies, local colleges, organizations and individuals partner with the school to offer opportunities and experiences that help students develop skills and community values. Students learn to look at the world from a broad, holistic perspective, as innovative, community minded, and well-rounded individuals.


The TRCCS curriculum is designed to develop the children’s capacities for physical well-being, strength and coordination, for emotional and social depth and connectivity, and for creative, free, and clear thinking. TRCCS is education to the hands, heart and head or the willing, feeling and thinking.

The TRCCS spans Pre-kindergarten through 4th grade, TRCMS spans 5th-6th and TRVCS spans Prekindergarten through 8th grade. Our current 6th grade students will be the first class to go through 8th grade as the school expands into Middle School. Class size ranges between 15 to 22 students.

Music, art, and movement are greatly employed in the learning process. Those emphasized are gardening, nature crafts, dance/eurhythmy/Yoga, water colors, flute/recorder and in later years violin, songs in the round, knitting, crocheting, and wood carving.

Storytelling is used to awaken imagination, retain attention and teach subjects such as math, history, geography, social studies, writing and reading.

Emphasis is put on nature and environmental stewardship. Children spend much time outside exploring the world around them gaining a deeper understanding of science and nature studies.

Children are taught real-life tasks such as housekeeping, cooking, fiber arts and gardening.

Spanish begins for students in first grade and continues through 8th with class taking place twice a week.

Seasonal studies and festivals are taught and celebrated throughout the year.

Technology is de-emphasized in the early years at school and at home. Parents of enrolled children will be expected to greatly limit their children’s exposure to computers, TV, and video games.

Teachers follow their students from first grade until middle school. This allows teachers to develop a stronger relationship with their students, giving them the knowledge to create curriculum based on their students’ needs and strengths.

Main lessons (which include all traditional subjects) are typically taught in 4 week sessions. Children gain a deep and personal relationship with the material therefore retaining it longer.

We have 8 classrooms for the 2019/20 School year: 2 PK/K, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th/7th Grade. 

The PK students come two full days a week, Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. 

School begins at 8:20 am and ends at 2:45 pm. 

About 80% of the students at TRCCS are coming from outside of the Tomorrow River School District including: Almond, Iola, Stevens Point, Waupaca, Weyauwega, Wisconsin Rapids, Rosholt, Wausau, Appleton, etc….

This shows how dedicated the TRCCS families are to this style of education for their children. Please join our amazing TRCCS family community.