TRCCS Beginnings

The idea for the Tomorrow River Community Charter School came from a number of mothers in the community who were exploring how they would like to educate their children and searching for an alternative to current options.  Since that time, the concept has grown in detail and in involvement, with dozens of individuals stepping up to express interest, dedicate time, and building community support.

A number of mothers attending a Holistic Mothers Group in Stevens Point began to develop the idea of educating their children in an alternative way. One of the mothers in the group has slightly older children and introduced the group to Enki, a teaching method she was using to home school her children. At the same time there was a similar group nearby called Natural Waupaca and they were utilizing some Waldorf approaches in their play group as well as for some of the older home schooled children. Through mutual friends Chamomile Nusz from Waupaca was introduced to Tina Giombetti, Shannon Korger and Rebecca Towne from the Holistic Mothers Group. These for mothers became the founders of the school.

Chamomile had attended a Waldorf school in the 1980’s started by her parents and other community members in the Tomorrow River School District. Because the Waldorf School was very well received by the community previously, the above-mentioned Waldorf/alternative mothers decided to target the Tomorrow River School District for their efforts. It was decided that forming a Charter School made the most sense; the group wanted to make sure the school would be available to families of all economic backgrounds. They began the research necessary to determine what it would take to start a Charter School and found that there were approximately 50 other Waldorf-inspired public schools around the United States. They also knew Waldorf was the fastest growing educational style and that this would draw a larger number of families.

This part of central Wisconsin has a very progressive foundation. Much of it stems from the University of Stevens Point and its’ natural resources program. People migrate here who care deeply for the earth and once here set roots in this beautiful place. There are organizations like the Midwest Renewable Energy Association who have been putting on the nations’ longest and largest running educational energy event. In addition there is a rich music and arts movement along with many organic farms and CSAs which help to draw progressive families to the area. These types of families have an intimate relationship with the earth, where their food and energy come from. This leads them to also want to have the same relationship with how their children are educated. Waldorf will fill this educational gap, giving parents already on this path a place to send their children to school. These parents will play a large role in the school and the school will play a large role in the community.