Welcome to 2019/2020 school year!

The Tomorrow River Community School is excited to announce our expansion into middle school this fall for grades 5th-6th! The middle school will grow one grade per year until classes reach 8th grade. Since our opening we have known that all students could not fit at the Central Wisconsin Environmental Station CWES and have been working on plans for expansion. With this expansion of grades will come an expansion of our school campus. While we are still finalizing where all of the grades PreK through 8th will be sited, we do know that most of our school will continue to be located at CWES.

One major development is that The Tomorrow River Community School will be partnering with the Tomorrow River School District (TRSD), Mid-State Technical College (MSTC), and Blenker Construction to construct a new mobile classroom. This classroom will replace the current mobile classroom on our site at CWES and house just one grade. All labor will be completed by the students of TRSD and MSTC and will be supervised by experts from both MSTC and Blenker Construction. The materials for this project are estimated to cost around $46,000 and will need to be purchased by TRCCS. 

Another piece of this expansion puzzle is the need to locate classrooms at an additional site in coming years. While the details are still being finalized, we do know that this will cost between $50,000 and $75,000. Cost of materials and rent for each space will help in determining the final plan. The TRCCS governance board and staff hope to have this determined within the next couple of months.

TRCCS will need to pay for this venture, which will require lots of fundraising! This is where our school community can help. Please reference the 2019/20 Fundraiser Calendar with dates, goals, and the various ways you can help. Please save this for future reference. This calendar is  consistent with last year’s calendar, however, it is likely that additional fundraisers will be announced as the amount of funding needed becomes more clear.

We will continue to utilize our online volunteer tracking platform, Track It Forward. This website allows you to seek volunteer opportunities at TRCCS and track your hours. If you haven’t signed up yet, please do so.  From there, users will be emailed reminders of volunteer commitments and volunteer hours can be logged. Contact Brigid with questions at

The Public Relations and Funding Committee is always looking for help and fresh ideas. Contact Tina at with suggestions and questions regarding fundraising. We feel confident that with your help we can reach our goals and have fun in the process!

Thank you,

Tina Giombetti

Chair, Public Relations and Funding Committee


Annual Campaign

The Annual Campaign is a yearly appeal to our community – parents, alumni families, faculty, staff and friends – to raise funds that bridge the gap between state and local public school funding and the school’s additional operating expenses.

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Farmshed Fundraiser

This is an alternative fundraiser supporting local farmers and businesses. It provides healthy options and keeps your hard-earned dollars right here in Central Wisconsin. Products will be delivered shortly before Thanksgiving, so order goodies for your gathering or get an early start on your holiday shopping.