Festival of Courage

October 10

As we return to school each year, the days begin to grow shorter and darker. During this contracted time, much in nature appears to die. Yet it is during this time that the inner life of humankind is nourished and strengthened.

Family of students are invited to a ceremonial performance, asked to help with a group engaged class clean up project, and encouraged to bring a potluck item to share to commence the festivities.


Lantern Walk

November 26

Each student creates their own lantern; families gather and walk with the lanterns singing through the woods in the dark.

This event is a wonderful way to fill the self with the transition from Fall to Winter. Hot cocoa and popcorn are served in the great hall after participants follow the lantern lit path.


Spiral Walk


As the holiday season approaches, a Festival of Light with a spiral walk; candles demonstrate how each of us makes the world a brighter place when we bring our light to it.


Winter Performance

February Date TBA
5:30 pm in the Amherst Cafeteria

Children’s performance of songs, poems, stories and plays. Each class performs what they have learned through the first half of the year.



May 4

We celebrate May Day in honor of nature’s renewed growth and energy. The children will learn a May Pole Dance and perform it during this festival. This is the last festival before the end of the school year.