Annual Campaign


Fundraising takes place to bridge the gap created by open-enrollment as well as the task of marketing and promoting the school to the greater community. These funds are then utilized by everyone in the form of reduced-priced lunches, classroom and playground equipment, garden tools, supplies, Parent Educational Events, Waldorf teacher training scholarships, professional development for the staff and governance board, subsidizing field trips, and all the other gaps in our budget.

We strive to meet the financial needs of the school while being conscious of the availability, skills, and preferences of our parent body.

What is the Annual Campaign?

The Annual Campaign is a yearly appeal to our community – parents, alumni families, faculty, staff and friends – to raise funds that bridge the gap between state and local public school funding and the school’s additional operating expenses.

How important is the Campaign Fund?

In the past TRCCS has utilized a variety of fundraisers to support our programing. With a robust Annual Campaign we can reduce these fundraisers and the school will continue to be in a position to offer and expand the range of programs that make it an exceptional Public Waldorf experience. In addition it will support the expansion that the school needs to make as it grows with its students.

Why is 100% participation important?


The school’s financial strength depends upon the participation of the entire community.

How much should we give?

Won’t you consider making your children’s education, and their school, your top philanthropic priority? Please be as generous as you can be… and THANK YOU!

What does the Annual Campaign support?

Everything! It pays for the books in the library, the paint brushes for art class, science equipment, playground balls, movement items, the Healthy Lunch Fund, teacher scholarships, building renovations, and much more.


Gifts of all sizes make a difference. Your generosity allows us to offer students a unique educational experience and to strengthen programs. Gifts to the Annual Fund benefit every teacher and every student every day!

How to Give…

Donations can be made by check, cash or by CC with the option of making a monthly donation to support the vision and mission of TRCCS. These funds will help TRCCS bridge the gap in state and local funding created by our large percentage of Open Enrolled students.

Thank You for your support!